Friday, April 29, 2011


I often upload lots of bird photos onto the Tifft Nature Preserve Photo Blog, so if youre curious, please head over to to take a peek!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring 2011 Bird Sightings March 10th - April 28th

Species Location Date
Gadwall Lake Kirsty 13-Mar
Common Grackle Feeder 16-Mar
Hooded Merganser Lake Kirsty 17-Mar
Ring-necked Duck Lake Kirsty 17-Mar
Bufflehead Lake Kirsty 18-Mar
Killdeer Lake Kirsty 18-Mar
Song Sparrow Various - Over TNP 18-Mar
Rough Legged Hawk Various - Over TNP 18-Mar
Peregrine Falcon Various - Over TNP 18-Mar
Golden Eagle Various - Over TNP 18-Mar
Tundra Swan Various - Over TNP 18-Mar
Short-Eared Owl Various - Over TNP 18-Mar
Northern Shoveler Lisa Pond 19-Mar
Great Blue Heron Lake Kirsty 19-Mar
Green-winged Teal Lake Kirsty 20-Mar
Golden-crowned Kinglet Unknown 22-Mar
Blue-winged Teal Unknown 22-Mar
Pied-billed Grebe Lake Kirsty 24-Mar
American Wigeon Lake Kirsty 24-Mar
Osprey Beth Pond 28-Mar
American Coot Beth Pond 29-Mar
Ruddy Duck Lisa Pond 30-Mar
Double-crested Cormorant Marsh 30-Mar
Tree Swallow Marsh 30-Mar
Eastern Phoebe Rabbit Run West 3-Apr
Swamp Sparrow Rabbit Run East 3-Apr
Great Egret Lake Kirsty 4-Apr
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Cabin 4-Apr
Black-crowned Night Heron Lisa Pond 7-Apr
Brown Creeper Cabin 7-Apr
Lesser Scaup Lake Kirsty 8-Apr
Purple Finch Heritage/Rabbit Run 8-Apr
Belted Kingfisher Service Road/Nettle Trail 7-Apr
Winter Wren Heritage Boardwalk 7-Apr
Northern Flicker Rabbit Run 10-Apr
Fox Sparrow Rabbit Run 11-Apr
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Rabbit Run 11-Apr
Wood Thrush Rabbit Run 11-Apr
Snowy Egret Mosquito Junction 11-Apr
Northern Rough-wing Swallow Berm Pond 11-Apr
Barn Swallow Berm Pond 11-Apr
American Bittern Lisa Pond 11-Apr
Brown Trasher Heritage Boardwalk 11-Apr
American Woodcock Heritage Boardwalk 11-Apr
Eastern Towhee Rabbit Run 11-Apr
Louisiana Water Thrush Service Road 11-Apr
Hermit Thrush Service Road 11-Apr
Common Snipe Heritage Boardwalk 11-Apr
Caspian Tern Lake Kirsty 15-Apr
Green Heron Over Lake Kirsty 13-Apr
Yellow-rumped Warbler Rabbit Run 17-Apr
Common Loon Lake Kirsty (Wild & Released) 18-Apr
Pine Warbler Mosquito Junction 21-Apr
Black-throated Green Warbler Beth Pond 21-Apr
Field Sparrow Beth Pond 14-Apr
Worm-eating Warbler Snakeroot at Warbler Walk 26-Apr
Yellow-crowned Night Heron South Blind 26-Apr
Ovenbird N/A 26-Apr
Black and White Warbler N/A 26-Apr
Yellow Warbler N/A 26-Apr
Northern Water Thrush N/A 26-Apr
Eastern Kingbird N/A 26-Apr
Least Flycatcher N/A 26-Apr
Great Crested Flycatcher N/A 26-Apr
House Wren N/A 26-Apr
Rose-breasted Grosbeak N/A 26-Apr
Chimney Swift N/A 26-Apr
Lincoln Sparrow N/A 26-Apr
Black and Gray Gnatcatcher N/A 26-Apr
Virginia Rail N/A 26-Apr
Scarlet Tanager Snakeroot 27-Apr
Northern Parula Mosquito Junction and Snakeroot 27-Apr
Warbling Vireo Mosquito Junction 27-Apr
Baltimore Oriole Service Road and Nettle Trail 27-Apr
Black-throated Blue Warbler Mosquito Junction Boardwalk 27-Apr